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Realising campaign assets for creative agencies and advertisers.


Translating, producing and delivering campaign assets to different global markets.


Guiding advertisers through the process of producing creative campaign assets.

Cost Management

Helping advertisers keep control over the costs involved in producing campaign assets.

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Versioning is the process of creatively adapting/localizing advertising campaign assets (TV/online video/banners/print ads) to fit the language and culture of any international market advertisers may want to reach.

To accomplish this, I can provide any or all of these production services and apply them to the main campaign asset(s):

  • Translation of copy and/or titles by professional translators to any language

  • Transcreation (creative concept translation) by native copywriters of copy and titles to fit any language/culture

  • Voice-over search/casting for any language and dialect

  • Voice-over directing/recording (supervised by native copywriter), using professional local and/or remote studios

  • Sound design and mixing to applicable specs for the different (international) markets

  • Video title- and online adjustments to fit any language (matching the creative goals of the main campaign)

  • Subtitling in any language, typeface or format (only as part of a full versioning process)

  • Mastering & Delivery to all (international) market channels (i.e. TV stations) in accordance with local specs.

  • Archiving assets in CMS

My carefully sourced international network of experienced (native) advertising copywriters/transcreators and post-production suppliers guarantee a smooth and efficient localization of your campaign assets.


Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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